Where the bae’s at?

No wonder y errbody be saying “bae”. They’re hungry that’s all…
Just another Friday night.
Challenge accepted. #crossingfingers
Workplace rented us a ice cream truck today! Had some delicious blackberry habanero ice cream!
"Be as you wish to seem" -Socrates….I’m an inspiring makeup artist and drag queen. Never have I imagined how fun and thrilling it would be to play around with the art of makeup. I’m still new to the beauty industry, but I’m still so eager to learn everything. Thanks to social media sensations like @naye0na @nikkietutorials @chrisspy @desimakeup and @thegigigorgeous I’ve been able to improve my skills daily and learn different techniques and style. My journey has only yet begun. I’ve realized life is too short, do what you love and love what you do. Despite all the negativity from my past, I am confident I will succeed. Thanks to all my family and friends who have thus far supported me in all the wild and crazy things I’ve done so far. I’ve never had much in my life. And for once, I’m grateful I’ve found something to make worthy of. Makeup and beauty makes sense to me and no one can take that away from me. #naye0nagives #thankyouforreading #goodnight #lotus @naye0na
Skills. Found this word. #hatersgonhate


Monday morning QB/7.

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